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English Vocabulary for IBPS Bank Exams – From Previous Question Papers:

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English Vocabulary for IBPS Bank Exams – From Previous Question Papers:

Synonyms (Most Similar Meanings)

1. Broaden
(a) Widen.
(b) narrow
(c) scatter
(d) brittle
(e) broadcast

2. On a Par
(a) on the contrary
(b) of Same Value.
(c) in contrast
(d) up to the scratch

3. Scuttle
(a) delay
(b) destroy.
(c) smoothen
(d) mix
(e) Shuffle

4. Spurred
(a) disapproved
(b) instigated
(c) agitated
(d) reflected
(e) prompted.
5. Slapped
(a) beaten
(b) avoided
(c) withdrawn
(d) Imposed.
(e) persuaded

6. Plowed
(a) Cultivated.
(b) bulldozed
(c) recovered
(d) instilled
(e) withdraw

7. Catering
(a) Supplying.
(b) indulging
(c) lending
(d) lending
(e) considering

8. Key
(a) difficult
(b) Important.
(c) foundation
(d) requisite
(e) solution

9. Aggressive
(a) Determined.
(b) violent
(c) offensive
(d) brutish
(e) demanding
10. Draw
(a) persuade
(b) attract.
(c) decoy
(d) push
(e) entice

11. Emerging
(a) rising
(b) noticeable
(c) conspicuous
(d) uproaring
(e) developing.

12. Abate
(a) rise
(b) hurl
(c) gear
(d) lesson.
(e) retreat

13. Clock
(a) time
(b) watch
(c) second
(d) achieve.
(e) regulate

(a) equalised
(b) restored
(c) addressed.
(d) redone
(e) rearranged

15. Currency
(a) notes
(b) usage.
(c) value
(d) cash
(e) money

16. Intrinsically
(a) unavoidably
(b) virtually
(c) whole-heartedly
(d) internally
(e) fundamentally.

17. Indicative
(a) abstract
(b) suggestive.
(c) forthcoming
(d) internally
(e) virtually

18. Comprising
(a) Co-operating with
(b) reducing the quality.
(c) hampering the progress
(d) conciliating in order to
(e) adjusting for the better

19. Decimate
(a) divide
(b) augment
(c) vacate
(d) destroy.
(e) equalize

20. Fashioned as
(a) attracted to
(b) made into
(c) stylized as.
(d) marketed as
(e) derived into

21. Propagation
(a) assimilation
(b) realisation
(c) formulation
(d) demarcation
(e) dissemination.

(a)influenced by sentiments
(b) based on imagination
(c) based on conjectures
(d) decided arbitrarily
(e) guaged with stand.

23. Mitigating
(a) disguting
(b) diluting.
(c) regularising
(d) comprimising
(e) elevating

24. Predisposed
(A) reluctant
(b) unprepared
(c) ready.
(d) hesitant
(e) interested
25. Stress
(a) suppress
(b) enforce
(c) emphasise.
(d) pressurise
(e) implement
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