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DBMS Questions and Answers – Normal Forms

Short Notes on Normalization: The process of organizing data model to efficiently store data and to minimize redundancy. First Normal Form: A table is said to be in 1st normal form if it has no repeating or duplicate fields. Each record is uniquely identified by a primary key. For example: Observe the below table of data. This is not in …

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IBPS IT Officer Syllabus

IBPS IT Officer Syllabus  (IBPS Specialist Officers CWE – 2016) IBPS Specialist Officers Exam as the name suggests, is meant to select professionals for prestigious and high profile jobs in the banking sector. The respect as well as the responsibility attached to the job makes the center of attraction from the years. So, we can expect smartness of the test …

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Computer Questions and Answers

Computer Questions and Answers for IT Officers/IBPS Bank Exams-2016 Computer Awareness (IT Officers Professional Knowledge) plays a very crucial role to get the good score in IBPS IT Officers Exams. Although, the applicants are from computer background they need to concentrate more on this section to get the good score. Because In IT Officers Exam we get 50 questions from …

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The Seven Layers of OSI Model

The Seven Layers of OSI Model: OSI Model – TCP/IP Model Application Layer 7: This is the layer actually interacts with the OS or application whenever the user chooses to transfer files or read files or to perform other network related activities. Protocols at Application Layer: FTP, DNS, SIME, MIME, SNMP, SMTP, FINGER, TELNET. Network virtual terminal, file transfer, access …

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Computer Questions and Answers for IT Officers

Computer Questions and Answers for IT Officers Exam: 1.Which type of the keyboard is mostly used in general computers/laptops and it is referred to as (a)  QWERTY    (b) ZOLTY      (c) ALTER      (d) CLIF    (e) None. What is the default file extension for all the documents created in MS-Word? (a) .word    (b) .txt   (c) .doc  (d) .file     (e) None. …

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Computer Questions for IT Officers

Computer Questions for IT Officers: Devices that enter information and allow you to communicate with the PC are known as ………………….?         (a) Input Devices  (b) Output Devices      (c) Computer code    (d) Hardware      (e) None. An electronic device, operating under the control of information which will accept data, process the data, produce output and store the results for …

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