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Todays Current Affairs for Bank Exams – NABARD, SBI Clerks -16th April 2016

Today’s Current Affairs for Bank Exams – NABARD, SBI Clerks 2016 – 16th April 2016

1. On the occasion of 97th Birth Anniversary of Arjan Singh on 15th April, The Marshal of Indian Airforce renamed the “Panagarh Airbase” in Best Bengal as ______________.
“Airforce Station Arjan Singh”

2. Who was the first Indian Air Chief to be promoted to the rank of Air Chief Marshal on Jan 16, 1966?
Arjan Singh.

3. Who is the present chairman of EPFO (Employment Provident Fund Organization)?
Shri Bandaru Dattatreya (Union Ministry of Labour and employment).

4. How many claims has been settled by EPFO in the fiscal year 2015-16?
118 Lakh claims.

5. Under EPFO, The months of April, May and June are considered as ____________________ in 2016.
“Compliance for Construction Workers”.

6. According to latest financial stability report of IMF, The global output will be lowered by 3.9% by 2021. If we don’t take any precautionary measures for balancing the financial stability.

7. In MIS (Maritime India Summit 2016), how many agreements has been signed for Rs.82, 905.75 crores?
144 agreements.

8. Which rank does Delhi get among the list of ’50 world’s Future Ready Cities’ based on Human capital, Infrastructure & Commerce?
Delhi – 44th Rank.

9. On 15th April 2016, which country is badly hit with a powerful earthquake with the magnitude of 7.3?

10. Who is the president of Brazil who is facing impeachment problem in recent days?
Dilma Rousseff.

11. Who is the newly elected ‘Acting Chief Justice (CJ)’ of Nepal, she was the first woman CJ of Nepal?
Sushila Karki.

12. Who is the Prime Minister of Malaysia?
Abdul Razak.

13. A web hosting company accidentally destroyed his company and all its clients’ websites with just one line of code. What were that code and name the owner of that web hosting company?
Marco Masala – He is the owner of small web hosting company with over 1535 clients and looks after the servers and internet connections on which files of all clients websites are stored.

14. What was the ‘name’ that raised conflictions between U.K. Court and a Mother and warned her not to keep that name to her daughter as mothers unusual choices of a name might harm their children?

15. Which country’s Prime Minister has recently introduced a legislation to legalize physician-assisted suicide for the people who are suffering from serious medical conditions?
Canadian Prime Minister – “Justine Trudeau”.

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