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All First Banks in Banking News | Important Banking GK

All First Banks in India in Banking History 

The banks which are popular in banking history are also important to be aware while preparing for bank exams.  So, We are updating the collection of important  banking awareness questions based on all the first banks in news records. These must be known to the banking job aspirants who are preparing for various bank exams.  
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Questions on First Banks in News  – Important Banking GK

1) Which is the first Bank to introduce Net Banking?
Ans.  ICICI Bank.

2)            Which is the first bank to introduce ‘Mutual Funds’?
Ans.  SBI.

3)            Which bank has been introduced ‘Credit Card’ in India?
Ans.  Central Bank of India (CBI)

4)            Which cards in the banking terminology are referred to as Plastic Money?
Ans.  Credit Cards.

5)            Which bank has been referred as the largest commercial bank located in  India?
Ans.  SBI (State Bank of India).

6)            Which private bank is referred as the largest commercial bank in the category of private banks in India?
Ans. ICICI Bank.

7)            Which PSU bank has an additional number of overseas branches?
Ans. Bank of Baroda(BOB).

8)            Which was the first bank that is established in India?
Ans.  Bank of Hindustan(established in the year 1779).

9)            Name the largest and oldest bank that is existed at present and providing services in India?
Ans. State Bank of India.

10)          Name the First Bank located in India that is totally managed and supervised by Indian People?
Ans.   PNB (Existed at first in Lahore in the year 1895)

11)          Which is the first Bank that was opened its branch in the foreign country?
Ans.Bank of India (BOI).

12)          Which is the first bank opened a branch in continental Europe in Paris?
Ans.  BOI

13)          Which is the primary bank in India that is fully computerized?
Ans. Bank of India.

14)          Which was the first Indian bank that was certified by ISO?

Ans. Canara Bank.

15)          Which is that the first bank to introduce ATM?
Ans.  HSBC

16)          Which is the first foreign bank has been opened the branch in India?
Ans.  HSBC

17)          The First Universal Bank in India –ICICI.

18)          Which is the first bank in India that was listed on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)?
Ans. ICICI Bank.

19)          Which is the first bank in India that was facilitated to pay the income-tax by using ATM?
Ans. Union Bank.

20)          which is the first bank in India that was established talking ATMs for the sake of ‘Visually Impaired People’?
Ans. Union Bank of India.

21)          Name the first bank in India launched its own payment aggregators?
Ans.  SBI Epay.

22) Which is the first public sector bank to introduce capital to the public?
Ans.  Indian Overseas Bank.

23) Which is the first bank to introduce ‘Debit Card’ in India?
Ans. City Bank.

24) Which is the first bank to introduce ‘Regional Rural Banks (RRB)’ in India?
Ans. Syndicate Bank.

25) Which is the oldest Joint Stock Bank of India?

Ans. Allahabad Bank.

26) Which bank was founded by Freedom Fighter Dr. Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramaiah?

Ans.  Andhra Bank.

27) Which was the first bank to be given an ISO 9002 certificate for one of its branches?

Ans. Canara Bank.

28) Which bank has formed on the efforts of Lala Lajpat Rai?

Ans. Punjab National bank.

29) Which bank whose brand equity is “Pygmy Deposit Scheme”?

Ans. Syndicate Bank.

30) Which is the first Indian bank to be wholly owned by Indians?

Ans. Central Bank of India.

31) The postal department has issued a commemorative stamp in the name of this bank celebrating 100 years in 2011.

Ans. The Central bank of India.

32) Name the bank that has been founded by Ghanshyam Das Birla.

Ans. UCO Bank.

33) Which is the largest bank among nationalized banks?

Ans. Punjab National Bank.

34) The bank established in the year 1913 as Bank of Mysore Ltd. at the instance of the banking committee headed by the great Engineer Stateman Late. Dr. Sir M. Visveswaraya.

Ans.  State bank of India.

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