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Banking Awareness for Bank Exams:

Banking Awareness is one of the important section in various competitive online exams conducted by banks for recruiting probationary officers (POs) & Clerks. The basic important questions are commonly asked from current economy, financial and banking news from the last 3 to 4 months of the scheduled date of the main exam. So the bank job aspirants have to concentrate on this section to upgrade their knowledge in this regard but they pay less attention in banking awareness section due to lack of knowledge and upgraded quality material in banking awareness updates. www.bankexamtips.in is one the best place to update your knowledge in this section as per daily news updates on banking, economy and financial matters.

What is Bank?

The bank is a financial institution which accepts deposits from the public and issues loans and advances to the needy public by following the rules and regulations of the central monetary authority (Reserve Bank of India).

Banking GK for Bank Exams 2017 – Bank Terms, Banking Knowledge Study Material

  • Important Bank Terms.


Banking News – Latest Banking Updates for Bank Exams:

Banking Awareness Questions and Answers for Bank Exams: Practice SETs

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