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Banking Awareness Questions for Bank Exams – SBI Clerks

Banking Awareness Questions for Bank Exams – SBI Clerks 

Banking Awareness/Banking knowledge is a part of every bank exam. It is very necessary for all the banking aspirants to improve their knowledge in banking related terms and other financial and economic issues of banks. Here we are going to update the collection of banking awareness questions on a daily basis. Keep visiting bankexamtips.in for all the updates of banking awareness questions and other information about bank exams 2016.

  1. A centralized database with online connectivity to all the branches, ATM network and head office of the bank through the internet. This has been adopted and implemented by almost all banks of our country is called as ___________.
  • Specialized Banking.
  • Mobile Banking.
  • Core Banking.
  • Investment Banking.
  • National Banking.
  1. The public sector banks in our country usually provide the additional interest rates on retail domestic term deposits of _________.
  • Minors
  • Married Women.
  • Senior Citizens.
  • Employees.
  • Farmers.
  1. When the rate of inflation increases _____________.
  • The purchasing power of money decreases.
  • The value of money increases.
  • The purchasing power of money remains unaffected.
  • The amount of money in circulation decreases.
  • The purchasing power of money increases.
  1. Which of the following is NOT considered a money market instrument?
  • Shares and bonds.
  • Treasury Bills.
  • Commercial paper.
  • Certificate of Deposit.
  • Repurchase Agreement.
  1. The reverse mortgage scheme is established for the sake of which of the following groups of society?
  • Unemployed youth.
  • Senior Citizens.
  • Persons below 60 years.
  • Orphans
  1. Which of the following is the major financial organization that issues the rules of global trade?
  • G-20.
  • World Trade Organization.
  • Foreign Trade.
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF).
  1. Which of the given terms is not related to banking?
  • Factoring Services.
  • Entry Load.
  • Letter of Credit.
  • Mortgage.
  1. One single statement that depicts the financial position of a bank and /or Business enterprise at a given point of time is called:
  • Trading and Manufacturing account.
  • The balance of payment.
  • Foreign Exchange.
  • Statement of product details.
  • Balance Sheet.
  1. Which of the following options is necessary at the time of opening the account in any PSU bank?
  • Nomination.
  • Guarantee.
  • Registration.
  • Application.
  • Remuneration.
  1. Systematic Investment plans relate to
  • Post office savings Schemes.
  • Mutual funds.
  • Life Insurance Companies.
  • Commercial banks.

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