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Banking Awareness Questions for Bank Exams 2016-17

Banking Awareness QUIZ for Bank Exams – Practice SET

Banking Awareness Questions for Bank Exams – IBPS, SBI, RRB, RBI, NABARD and other Private Banks

(1) Which of the following accounts for the maximum share in India’s foreign Exchange reserves?

(a) Foreign Currency Assets
(b) Gold Reserves
(b) Special Depository Receipts
(c) Gold Reserves
(d) NRI Deposits

(2) Inflation is measured in India on the basis of which Index?
(a) Whole Sale Price Index
(b) Consumer Price Index
(c) Retail Price Index
(d) Market forces

(3) The Unique Identity Project or UID has been given a brand name for ready identification. Which is the name approved for that project?
(a) Aadhar
(b) Aasha
(c) Abhighyan
(d) Antyodaya

Notes: Aadhar – Unique Identification Authority of India, New Head of Aadhar –Ajay Bhushan Pandey  (From July 2016)

(4) The foreign Exchange rate is dependent on which of the following?
(a) Government Policies
(b) Monetary Policy Directives
(c) Demand and Supply Forces
(d) Foreign Exchange Reserves

(5) Who decides on the value and volume of bank notes to be printed and on what basis?
(a) Finance Ministry
(b) RBI (Reserve Bank of India) 
(c) Stock Exchange
(d) Planning Commission

Note: New Governor of RBI: Mr. Urjit Patil

(6) RBI has reduced by one percentage point the SLR (Statutory Liquidity Ratio) is required to
be maintained by banks to 23%. In what form is this stipulation reacquired to be fulfilled?
(a) Banks are required to keep the amount in approved government securities of the appropriate value.
(b) The amount to be maintained in cash and securities with RBI.
(c) The required amount is to be maintained in gold with RBI.
(d) All of the above.

(7) RBI prescribes the cash reserve ratio to be maintained by banks as part of the prudential norms.
In what way is this cash reserve maintained by the banks?
(a) It is maintained as investments in government bonds.
(b) Each bank keeps the reserve in their respective head offices.
(c) It is maintained as cash with RBI
(d) It is kept as reserves of gold with RBI.

(8) SWIFT is a network for banks to exchange information. What is the expanded form of SWIFT?
(a) Society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunications
(b) Secure worldwide international transactions
(c) Safe window for international transactions
(d) All of the Above
(e) None of the above.

(9) Which of the following units is known as ‘paper gold’?
(a) Eurodollars
(b) Special Drawing Rights
(c) Demand and Supply forces
(d) Foreign Exchange Reserves

(10) Which bank has the special account ‘2611’ wherein people can deposit funds for 26/11 Mumbai Victims?
(a) Punjab National Bank
(b) Karur Vysya Bank
(c) ICICI Bank
(d) Axis Bank
(e) HDFC Bank

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