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Banking Awareness Questions

Banking Awareness Questions for Bank Exams:


  1. What is mean by teaser loan rates charged by banks?
  1. Rate of interest in the initial period is less and goes up subsequently.
  2. Fixed rate of interest charged by banks.
  3. Rate of interest in the initial period is more and its goes down gradually.
  4. None of the above.

2.CRR stands for …………………………….?

  1. Credit Rate Requirements.
  2. Cash Rate Requirements.
  3. Cash Reserve Ratio.
  4. None of these.

3. Which of the following is not a public sector unit undertaking agency?

  1. ECGC
  2. SIDBI

    4.   ICICI Bank

    5. None of these

4. Expand the term CCEA as used in administrative circles.

  1. Cabinet Committee on External Affairs
  2. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
  3. Cabinet Council on External Affairs
  4. Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs.

5. What is the full form of the term LIBOR as used in financial banking sector?

  1. Local Indian Bank Offered Rate.
  2. London – India Bank of Regulations.
  3. Liberal International Bank Official Ratio.
  4. London Inter Bank Offered Rate.

 5. Green Banking means

  1. Managing fishery by banks.
  2. Development of forestry by banks.
  3. Financing of irrigation projects by banks.
  4. Financing of environment friendly projects by banks.

 6. Financial Inclusion means:

(Ans): Expanding the network of banks of such a way that people from the lower strata of society also gets the benefit of services provided by banks.

7. TRAI – Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

8.Where is the headquarters of U.N.O. located?

  1. New York
  2. London
  3. Switzerland
  4. Brazil


9. When do RBI says that the Rupee is over-valued, it means

Ans: Rupee is increasing against other currencies whereas other currencies are weakening against US Dollar.

10.Expand the term ALM as used in banking/finance sector?

  1. Asset Liability Mismatch.
  2. Asset Liability Management.
  3. Asset Liability Manpower.
  4. Asset Liability Maturity.

11.Bank Rate is decided by which of the following?

(a)RBI      (b) Govt. of India (c) SEBI (d) NABARD   (e) IBA

12.Teaser Rates are related to which type of loans?

  1. Home Loans
  2. Car Loans
  3. Personal Loans
  4. Mortgage loans

13. Which public sector bank has largest number of branches in foreign countries?

(a) BOB (b) BOI  (c) ICICI  (d) PNB  (e) None of these

14. RBI’s Open Market Operation (OMO) transactions are carried out with a view to regulate

(a)Liquidity in the economy.

(b) Prices of essential commodities

(c) Inflation

(d) Borrowing power of banks

(e) All of the above.

 15. A new private sector bank is established under which of the following?

  1. RBI Act 1934
  2. Banking Regulation Act 1949
  3. Companies Act 1956
  4. All of these.
  5. None of these


16. An instrument that derives its value from a specified underlying (currency, gold, stock etc.,) is known as

(a) Derivative

(b) Hedge Fund

(c) Venture Capital

(d) None of these


17) What is an Indian Depository Receipt?

(a) A deposit account with a PSU Bank.

(b) An instrument in the form of depository receipt created by an Indian depository against underlying equity share of the issuing company.

(c) An instrument in the form of deposit receipt issued by Indian Depositories.

(d) None of these

18. Foreign Trade Policy is announced for every ………..years?

(a)5         (b)4              (c)   6                        (d) 10

19. Inflation means :

  1. Rising of prices.
  2. Decreasing prices
  3. Fixed prices
  4. None of these

20. Which is the monetary measure to control inflation?

  1. Increase in taxation
  2. Decrease in taxation
  3. Hard Credit Policy
  4. Soft Credit Policy
  5. None of these

21) Which of the following is not a financial regulator?

(a) IRDA


(c) AMFI

(d) SEBI

(e) None of these
















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