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Banking Current Affairs December 2016

Banking Current Affairs December 2016

RBI Policy Rates Unchanged for 5th Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Review:

Repo Rate: 6.25%
Reverse Repo Rate (RRR): 5.75%

Bank Rate: 6.75%
Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR): 20.75%

Marginal standing facility (MSF): 6.75%
Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR): 4%

Latest Banking News Updates December 2016 – Questions & Answers

What is the Cash Mukt Bharat Abhiyan Helpline Number recently launched by the Union government to promote digital payments?

Name the TV Channel which was launched to create awareness on digital payments and encourage people in this regard and promote cashless India?

DigiShala TV Channel (This channel provides awareness on UPI (Unified Payment Interface), e-wallet, AADHAAR, USSD and usage of cards through talk shows and demonstration).
Apart from this Digishala TV Channel, they also launched Digi Dhan Abhiyan.

Union Minister of Law & Justice, Electronics & Information Technology: Ravi Shankar Prasad (He has launched Digishala TV Channel)
Which bank has adopted two villages (Patunagar and Sachindranagar) in Tripura to implement schemes under digital India program?
United Bank of India. (Head Quarter’s: Kolkata, MD & CEO: Shri Pawan Kumar Bajaj, Tagline:’The Bank that begins with ‘U’).

Name the committee which was set up by Union Finance Ministry to review current payment systems and suggest necessary steps encourage digital payments in India?
Ratan P. Watal
Which is the Union Government’s second Income Disclosure Scheme (IDS) to allow tax evaders to come clean with unaccounted wealth until March 31, 2017?

The Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY) (In which the income holder has to pay 50% tax, penalty and surcharge on undisclosed cash deposits with banks)

The State Bank of India has launched ‘State Bank MobiCash Mobile Wallet’ to promote digital payments with the collaboration of which telecom company in December 2016?
BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.)

Who is the new chief executive of the Indian Bank Association (IBA)?
V. G. Kannan.

RBI has printed the new currency notes of Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100 in December 2016. These notes bears the Signature of ____________.
Mr.Urjit Patil (New Governor of RBI).

The union ministry has lowered the interest rate on current EPF(Employment Provident Fund) deposits from 8.8% in 2015-16 to __________ for 2016-17.

Which bank has partnered with Ola for setting up mobile ATMs for cash withdrawal?
YES, Bank (By which up to Rs.2000 can be withdrawn per card).

Which inset letter will be found on the new series of Rs.20 currency notes?

The central govt. has asked the banks to install how many more Point of Sale (PoS) terminals to promote digital transactions in India within 4 months of time
i.e. by March 2017?
10 Lakhs.

The mobile e-commerce company ‘PayTm’ has launched a toll-free number to enable mobile payments without internet connections?

Which state government has launched ‘AP Purse’ mobile app to promote cashless transactions having 13 mobile banking and 10 mobile wallet options?
Andhra Pradesh
Which was the first country to introduce plastic banknotes?

Which IT Company has introduced the first CSEC (Cyber Security Engagement Center) in India recently?

Which bank has launched SIMsePAY solution to do cashless transactions without the the need of Smartphone or Internet?
YES Bank (The account holder can perform money transactions, pay bills, and mobile banking services. The SIMsePAY solution works on sim-sleeve’ technology)

NITI Aayog will provide how much amount as seed money per district to boost cashless transactions and encourage digital payment system?
5 Lakh Rupees. (NITI Aayog CEO: Amitabh Kant).

The RBI has relaxed norms for 2-factor authentication for the digital payments up to how much amount to save transaction time?
Rs. 2,000.

Which union ministry has tied up with India Post and State Bank of India to provide payment options and ease of shipping of products bought under ‘Mahila-e-Haat’?
Ministry of Women and Child Development (Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi).

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