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General Awareness

General Awareness for Bank Exams

General Awareness is also important to study and refer General Knowledge books and important sources of GK to get success in Bank Exams. Here in this blog, we are updating some important updates under this category useful for bank exams as well as other competitive exams in 2017-18.

IBPS General Awareness Questions With Answers PDF

IBPS General Awareness Questions With Answers PDF - IBPS Bank Exams 2017-18

IBPS General Awareness Questions With Answers PDF – IBPS Bank Exams 2017-18 1. who among the following is NOT a prime minister of a country at present? a)Juha Petri Sipila b)Mark Rutte c)Bill English d)Malcolm Turnbull e)Moon Jae-In. 2. which of the following is the first building in India to acquire intellectual property rights protection for its architectural design recently? …

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GST Questions & Answers PDF | Latest Banking Awareness

GST Questions & Answers PDF Free

GST Questions & Answers PDF | Latest Banking Awareness Q.1.  As per the announcement made by the government, the Goods & Services Tax (GST) implemented from ___________ as all states have agreed to the implementation date. 1st July 2017 Q. 2. After the implementation of GST rates from 1st July 2017, What is the new tax rate that is imposed …

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Important Days in July

important days in july

Important Days in July    In IBPS Bank Exams – We can expect 1 question from Important Days of different months in the General Awareness  Section. So knowing important days is also useful in one’s bank exams preparations. So I have listed some of the important days in July month. Important Days in July  1st July National Doctors Day. International …

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General Awareness MCQs for Bank Exams 2016 – SET 1

General Awareness MCQs for Bank Exams 2016 - SET 1

General Awareness MCQs for Bank Exams 2016 (SET-1) 1. Agha Khan cup is related to which of the following sports events? (A) Football (B) Cricket (C) Hockey (D) Table Tennis (E) Badminton 2. The award given for outstanding performance in sports is (A) Bharat Ratna (B) Dronacharya Award. (C) Padma Shri (D) Arjuna Award (E) Kalinga Award 3. Which hill …

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Railway Budget 2016-17 – Expected Questions on Rail Budget 2016

Questions on Railway budget 2016

Railway Budget 2016: Hi Readers, Have you ever get doubt about why railway ministry is always releasing a separate budget  for Indian Railways and why other ministries don’t. During the period of British Govt. in 1920-21, The railway department of Indian Railways is the huge one and at that time, a separate 10 member committee called Acworth committee was formed …

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Banking Awareness Questions – 1

Banking Awareness QUIZ-1: When did the India become the member of IMF?           (1)1948.    (2) 1936    (3) 1946     (4) 1960   (5) None of these. The Small Industries Bank of India (SIDBI) has started its operations from (1) 2nd April, 1990. (2) 10th Aug, 1989      (3) 12th Sep, 1982  (4)None of these National Bank for Agricultural and …

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Important Organizations & Commities and their Heads

Important Organizations & Comities and their Heads UNESCO (United Nations Education Scientific & Cultural Organization ): Head Quarters – Paris (France). First  Lady Head of UNESCO – Irina Bakova(from Bulgaria).oil : U.N. Security Council: Head Quarters- NewYork Five permanent members of UN security council: France, US, UK, Russia & China. APEC(Asian Pacific Economic Co-Operation): H.Q – Singapore Member Countries -21 …

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Important Dams and Rivers in India

List of important dams located in India and on which river they are constructed and in which state: Dam River State Tehri Bagiradhi Uttarakhand Sardar Sarovar Dam Narmada Gujarat Hirakud Mahanadi Orissa TungaBhadra Dam TungaBhadra Karnataka Nagarjuna Krishna AP

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