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Computer Awareness Questions for Bank Exams – IBPS, SBI

Computer Awareness Questions  for Bank Exams

1. Which of the following is the correct order of the major functions of a computer?
(a) Input, Output, Process, Storage.
(b) The process, Storage, Input, Output
(c) Input, Process, Storage, Output.
(d) Process, Output, Input, Storage.

2. Data ___________ is a term that is commonly used to describe methods that permanently erase and remove the data from a storage space and opens up storage space for other use.
(a) Purging.
(b) Re-arranging.
(c) Editing.
(d) Recycling.

3. __________ is the process of finding errors in software code.
(a) Patching.
(b) Running.
(c) Debugging.
(d) Compiling.
(e) Testing.

4. Windows XP, Macintosh X and LINUX are examples of ___________.
(a) shareware.
(b) special system.
(c) browsers.
(d) Operating System.
(e) application software.

5. The ALU of a computer system performs arithmetic and ____________ applications.
(a) Loading.
(b) logging.
(c) logistical.
(d) logical.
6. The code for a web page is written using ___________.
(a) A fifth-generation language.
(b) Win Zip.
(c) Hypertext Markup Language.
(d) URL.
7. Which terms are related to the database?
(a) Java.
(b) Assembly.
(c) C++.
(d) PHP.
(e) Oracle.

8. If you need to create documents that consist primarily of text you need ____________ software.
(a) Database Management.
(b) Spread Sheets.
(c) CAD.
(d) word processing.
(e) Presentation.

9. What does the acronym POST ( a process performed by computer firmware) stand for?
(a) Program On System Test.
(b) Program on Self Test.
(c) Power On System Test.
(d) Power on Self Test.

10. The software that houses most of the electronic components that make up a computer system is known as the _________.
(a) Primary Storage Unit.
(b) Arithmetic Logic Unit.
(c) System Unit.
(d) Central Processing Unit.

11. What is the meaning of the OSI model, in communication function?
(a) Open Software Interpretation.
(b) Open System Interrelation.
(c) Open System Interconnection.
(d) Open Service Software Information.

12. The most widely used communication device in a computer
(a) Modem.
(b) Tuner.
(c) Scanner.
(d) Co-processor.
(e) Bus.

13. The computer storage that retains its data after the power is turned off is referred to as
(a) Restricted storage.
(b) Non-volatile storage.
(c) Direct storage.
(d) Sequential storage.
(e) volatile storage.

14. With a standard mouse, you can quickly access a shortcut menu by pressing the
(a) Esc key
(b) right mouse button.
(c) left mouse button.
(d) Ins key.

15. Office LANs that are spread geographically apart on a large scale can be connected using a corporate.
(a) WAN.
(b) DAN.
(c) TAN.
(d) CAN.
(e) LAN.

16. One megabyte equals approximately _____________.

(a) 2000 bytes.
(b) 1 million bits.
(c) 1000 bits.
(d) 1000 bytes.
(e) million bytes.

17. Which of the following would not be classified as well known as the type of memory chip?
(a) CMOS
(b) RAM and ROM.
(c) ROM.
(d) RISC.

18. Which one of the following would not be considered as a form of secondary storage in a computer system?
(a) C#.
(b) ALGOL.
(c) Cobra.
(d) COBOL.
(e) Microsoft.

19. Which coding system is designed to support international languages like Chinese and Japanese?
(a) RISC.
(d) ANSI
(e) Unicode.

20. The computer monitor resolution is measured in
(a) The number of colors it supports.
(b) The size of the Screen.
(c) Number of Screens.
(d) The shape of the Screen.
(e) The number of pixels.

21. Software that is utilized by the end-users (like MS Word or Photoshop) is called ___________.
(a) Operating System.
(b) Application Software.
(c) Driver.
(d) System Software.
(e) Actionware.

22. The keyboard, mouse, monitor and system unit are referred as _______________.
(a) Storage Devices.
(b) Software.
(c) Pointing Devices.
(d) Output Devices.
(e) Hardware

23. Converting the computer language of 1’s and 0’s to characters that a person can understand is called ____________.
(a) Generating.
(b) Highlighting.
(c) Creation of Clipart.
(d) Selecting.
(e) Decoding.

24. With a standard mouse, you can quickly access a shortcut menu by pressing the
(a) Esc Key.
(b) Right, mouse button.
(c) F1 key.
(d) Left mouse button.
(e) Ins key.

25. A file that includes predefined settings that can be used to create many types of presentations is called a _______.
(a) Prototype.
(b) Template.
(c) Blueprint.
(d) Model.
(e) Pattern.
26. The ___________ is a software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.
(a) Network.
(b) Compiler.
(c) Application Program.
(d) Utility.
(e) Operating System.

27.Chip is common nickname for a(n) _______.
(a) Transistor.
(b) Resistor.
(c) Integrated Circuit.
(d) Semiconductor.
(e) None of these.

28.Microsoft Excel and Corel Quattro Pro are both examples of __________.
(a) Presentation Software.
(b) Database Software.
(c) Web browsing Software.
(d) Spreadsheet Software.
(e) Graphics Software.

29. Which of the following devices is a pointing -and-draw device?
(b) Mouse.
(c) Printer.
(d) Keyboard.
(e) CD-ROM.

30. Which of the following is not a means of personal communication on the internet network?
(a) Electronic Mail.
(b) Instant Messaging.
(c) Instanotes.
(d) Chat.
(e) None of these.

31. A set of rules for telling the computer what operations to perform is called a ____________.
(a) Procedural Language.
(b) Command Language.
(c) Program Language.
(d) Programming Language.
(e) Natural Language.

32. Which programming languages are classified as low-level languages?
(a) Assembly Language.
(b) C, C++.
(c) Prolog2.
(e) Algol.

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