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Computer Questions and Answers for IT Officers

Computer Questions and Answers for IT Officers Exam:

1.Which type of the keyboard is mostly used in general computers/laptops and it is referred to as

(a)  QWERTY   
(b) ZOLTY     
(c) ALTER     
(d) CLIF   
(e) None.

  1. What is the default file extension for all the documents created in MS-Word?

(a) .word   
(b) .txt  
(c) .doc 
(d) .file    
(e) None.

  1. Manipulating data to create information is understood as

(a) Traversing
(b)  Program logic
(c)  Processing
(d) Analysis
( e) none.

  1. The horizontal and vertical lines on a worksheet are referred to as

(a) Cells
(b) Sheets
(c) Blocking
(d) Gridlines
(e) none.

  1. ………………………….. Is when the computer is turned on and also the software is loading.

(a) Booting 
(b) BIOS
(c) Program logic
(d) Traversing

  1. To print a document, press ……………………….. and then press ENTER key

(a) Shift + P
(b) Ctrl + P 
(c) Alt + P  
(d) Spacebar + P


  1. The instructions which are easily understandable are known as ……………………
  2. User-friendly
  3. Info  
  4. Data processing
  5. Icon
  1. The best reason that a PC has to have a hard disk is because
  • It can then use similar programs as other computers
  • It wouldn’t work without one.
  • It can store information when it is switched off
  • It can store info whereas it’s working.
  1. ………………………. Command is used to create a document from the file menu in MS Word.
    1. New
    2. Open
    3. Document
    4. kind
  1. Different applications and documents of windows desktop are referred as
    1. Drives
    2. Files
    3. Cursor
    4. Icons
  1. Saving is the method of
    1. Copying a document from memory to data-storage medium
    2. Making changes to a document’s existing content.
    3. Changing appearance
    4. Creating a document by typing the text using a keyword
  1. Why should you delete unknown email attachments?
    1. You may go to jail.
    2. The person might track you down and hurt you
    3. It is impoliteness
    4. It might contain a virus that could hurt your PC.
  1. A directory within a directory is termed as
    1. Mini-directory
    2. Junior directory
    3. Part directory
    4. Sub Directory
  1. Which key is used in combination with another key to perform a particular task?
    1. Function
    2. Arrow
    3. Space bar
    4. Control
  1. How many and what are the margins are on a page?
    1. Four (Top, Bottom, Right, Light)
    2. Two (Landscape and Portrait)
    3. Two (Header and Footer)
    4. Two (Top and Bottom)
    1. When you wish to move some text from one page to a distinct page the most effective technique is
      1. Drag and drop
      2. Cut and paste
      3. Delete and retype
      4. Find and replace
      1. Which keystroke can take you at the beginning or the end of the long document?
        1. Ctrl + Page Up and Ctrl + Page Down
        2. Shift + Home and Shift + End
        3. Ctrl + Home and Ctrl +End
        4. Only with the right scroll bar.
      1. Which (OS) operating systems is not authorized and owned by an organization?
        1. Unix
        2. Linux
        3. Windows 2000
        4. Mac
        5. Windows
      1. The ability to find an individual item in a file directly
        1. Sequential Access
        2. File Allocation Table (FAT)
        3. Through Direct Access
        4. Web Directory
      1. You can begin Microsoft word by using an opportunity
        1. New
        2. Start
        3. Program
        4. Control panel
        1. A————–contains buttons and menus that give fast access to normally used commands.
          1. Toolbar
          2. Menu bar
          3. Window
          4. Find
        1. In order to create columnar data in MS-Word, you need to
          1. Tab consecutively until your cursor reaches the required place
          2. Set tabs or use table menu
          3. You need to use excel
          4. Press the space bar till your cursor reaches the required place.
        1. The process of a PC receiving info from a server on the web is understood as ……………………
          1. Pulling
          2. Pushing
          3. Downloading
          4. Transferring
          5. None
        1. Which part of the PC helps to store information?
          1. Disk Drive
          2. Keyboard
          3. Monitor
          4. Printer
        1. The role of a ……………….. is mostly to work out a buyer’s needs and match it to the right hardware and software system.
          1. Software Engineer
          2. Computer Sales Professional
          3. Software Trainer
          4. Trainer
        1. The rectangle area of the screen that displays a program, data, and /or information could be a ————-

(a) Title bar

(b) Button

(c) Dialog Box

(d) Window

        1. A list of commands that can be selected from
          1. Curser
          2. Menu
          3. Icon
          4. Button
          1. MS office is an example of …………….
            1. An OS
            2. A processing device
            3. Application software
            4. An input device
          1. Physical components that structure your computer are referred to as ………………………………
            1. OS
            2. Software
            3. Hardware
            4. Web browsers
          1. Ctrl, Shift, and ALT keys are referred to as ————– keys.
            1. Modifier
            2. Function
            3. Alphanumeric
            4. Adjustment
          1. The pattern of the printed lines on most products is known as ———————–
            1. Prices
            2. OCR
            3. Barcodes
            4. Scanners
          1. What is the permanent memory built into your PC is known as ………………………..
            1. RAM
            2. ROM
            3. CPU
            4. CD-ROM
          1. When you save to this, your data can remain intact even when the PC is turned off …………..
            1. RAM
            2. Primary memory device
            3. Secondary memory device
            4. Motherboard
          1. The process of correcting errors in a program is known as………………….
            1. processing
            2. Debugging
            3. Grinding
            4. Interpreting
          1. In page preview mode you can see ………………..

 (a)  All the pages of the document
 (b)  Current page
 (c) The pages that do not contain graphic
(d) The title page of your document.

          1. Reusable Optical storage device typically has the acronym ……………….
            1. CD
            2. DVD
            3. RW
            4. ROM
          1. What is the background of any MS-Word document?
            1. It’s always the white in color.
            2. Is the color you have set under the options menu
            3. Can have any color you choose
            4. Is always the same for the entire document
          1. The blinking point in MS-Word which shows your position in the text is called …………..

(b) Pointer
(c) Blinker
 (d) Causer

          1. In MS Excel, Which bar is used to open and close a file?
            1. Formatting Bar
            2. Standard Bar
            3. Title Bar
            4. Formatting or title
          1. Computer language used on the internet is …………………
            1. Basic
            2. Java
            3. Cobol
            4. Pascal
          1. Data that is copied from the application is stored in …………

(b) Driver
(c) Clipboard
(d) Prompt


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