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Computer Questions for IBPS Bank Exams 2018

Computer Questions for Bank Exams – SBI Clerks 2016.

Computer Questions for Bank Exams – SBI Clerks 2016

1. Whenever we have to give space between the two words while you are typing on a computer we have to press a key known as

(a) Shift
(b) Control
(c) Escape
(d) Space bar.
(e) Backspace.

2. What is the full form of BMP?

(a) Bit Map.
(b) Bit Map Process.
(c) Byte Map
(d) Bit Machine process.
(e) Byte Map Process.

3. FORTRAN is a computer language. What is mean by FORTRAN?

(a) Formula Translation.
(b) Formula Translation Network.
(c) Formula Transfer.
(d) Formula Transistor Network.

4. What is the full form of USB?

(a) Universal Serial Bus.
(b) Universal System Bus.
(c) Union Serial Bus.
(d) Unicode Smart Bus.

5. Which shortcut key is used to center selected text?

(a) Ctrl+ Y.
(b) Ctrl + S.
(c) Ctrl + E.
(d) Ctrl + A.
(e) Ctrl + D.

6. The words like bas, doc, and htm are examples of?

(a) Database.
(b) Extensions
(c) Domains
(d) Protocols
(e) None of these.

7. Which of the following software that controls the internal operations of the computer and controls how the computer works with all its parts?

(a) Operating System.
(b) Application software.
(c) (PDS) Public Domain Software.
(d) None of these.

8. To delete an incorrect character in a document, _________ to erase to the right of the insertion point.

(a)Press the left mouse key.
(b) Double click the right mouse.
(c) Press the backspace key.
(d) Press Delete key.

9. A(n) _______________ is text that you want to be printed at the bottom of the pages.

(a) Header.
(b) Endnote.
(c) Footnote.
(d) Footer.
(e) None of these.

10. Multiplexing involves ____________ path and ____________ channel.

(a) One, multiple.
(b) Multiple, one.
(c) Multiple, multiple.
(d) One, one.
(e) None of these.

11. The copy command saves to …………

(a) The desktop.
(b) The clipboard.
(c) Microsoft word.
(d) Notepad

12. The time it takes a device to locate data and instructions and make them available to the CPU is known as …………………….

(a) Clock speed.
(b) A processing cycle.
(c) CPU speed.
(d) Access time.
(e) Allocation time.

13. A _________ is a unique name that you give to the file of information.

(a) Device letter.
(b) Filename extension.
(C) File name.
(d) None of these.

14. The blinking point which shows your position in the text is called

(a) Blinker.
(b) Cursor.
(c) Causer.
(d) Pointer.
(e) None of these.

15. In any window, the maximize button , minimize button and the close buttons appear on

(a) Title bar.
(b) Menu bar.
(c) Status bar.
(d) Ruler bar.

16. Computers connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) can

(a) Run faster.
(b) Go on line.
(c) Share information and /or share peripheral equipment.
(d) E-mail
(e) None of these.

16. Which of the following is not a part of the standard office suite?

(a) Word processor.
(b) Image Editor.
(c) File Manager.
(d) Ms-Word.

17. Which keyboard commands are used to hyperlink the file?

(a) By pressing Ctrl + Enter.
(b) By pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
(c) By using break command from the view menu.
(d) Both (a) and (c).

18. What is the valid minimum and maximum zoom size in MS-word?

(a) 10, 500.
(b) 20, 200.
(c) 10, 300.
(d) 40, 500.
(e) None of these.

19. What is the minimum and maximum font size in MS Word?

(a) 1, 400.
(b) 1, 1638.
(c) 2, 346.
(d) 2, 1600.
(e) 1, 600.

20. Which of the following are the four types of mail merge main documents?

(a) Form letters, catalogs, directories, and envelopes.
(b) Form letters, Envelops, Mailing Labels and Catalogs.
(c) Form letters, catalogs, labels, and envelopes.
(d) Form letters, lists, directories and mailing labels.

21. In a Network, The computer that stores the files is called as _______.

(a) Server.
(b) RAM.
(c) Modem.
(d) Data Card.

22. One nibble is equal to how many bits of memory?

(a) 4 bits.
(b) 8 bits.
(c) 6 bits.
(d) 12 bits.
(e) 16 bits.

23. Which of the computer language is mostly used in mobile android applications?

(a) Dot net.
(b) C Language.
(c) CPP.
(d) Java.

24. The saved files in a computer can be saved in __________ of a computer.

(a) Cache.
(b) Virtual Memory.
(c) RAM.
(d) Hard Disk.
(e) ROM.

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