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Computer Questions for IT Officers

Computer Questions for IT Officers:

  1. Devices that enter information and allow you to communicate with the PC are known as ………………….?

        (a) Input Devices  (b) Output Devices      (c) Computer code    (d) Hardware      (e) None.

  1. An electronic device, operating under the control of information which will accept data, process the data, produce output and store the results for future use?

          (a) Hardware   (b) Input     (c) Output     (d) Source code           (e) Software

  1. What is the function of CPU of a computer?

        (a)Deletes information (b) Creates Invoices (c) Corrupts the information 

        (d) Performs calculations and processing.

  1. All the characters that a device can use are called its?

           (a)Character set   (b) Skillset (c) Keyboard characters (d) Character Codes.

  1. If your PC (personal Computer) keeps restarting itself, then it is likely that ……………………..

          (a) There has been a power surge (b) it has a virus (c) there’s no printer (d) It doesn’t have enough memory.

  1. Expand the term RAM?

          (a) Random Access Memory (b) Random Accrued Memory (c) Read Access Memory

          (d) Random Access Module

  1. What type of device could be a 3 ½ inch floppy drive?

         (a) Input    (b) Output    (c) Software   (d) Storage.

  1. What utility does one use to transfer files and exchange messages?

        (a)  Email (b) World Wide Web (c) Internet browsers (d) machine-readable text (e) None of those.

    8. The important three components of the processor are ……………………………..

         Ans. ALU, Control Unit and Registers.

   9. Which of the subsequent memory chip is faster?

        (a) SRAM           (b) DRAM              (c) RAM                      (d) None of those.

  10. Tangible, physical computer instrumentality that can be seen and touched is termed …………….

       (a) Software      (b) Hardware          (c) Storage                  (d) Input/output           (e) none of those.

  1. What resides on the motherboard and connects the CPU to different parts on the motherboard?

      (a)  Input Unit       (b) ALU               (c) System Bus                        (d) Primary Memory      (e) None

  1. By default, your document prints within which mode?

     (a) Portrait mode (b) Landscape (c) A4 size mode (d) print mode.

  1. Which of the following groups comprises only input devices?

     (a) Mouse, keyboard, scanner (b) Scanner, Mouse, Printer

     (c)  Printer, mouse, keyboard   (d) joystick, keyboard, printer.

  1. An error is also referred to as ………….?

    (a) Bug (b) pointer (c) package (d) code.

  1. Which of the following is correct regarding RAM?

     (a)When PC turns off, it retains the info.

     (b)It is a form of read and write memory.

     (c) It has instructions useful at the time of PC start up.

     (d) it is a peripheral device.

  1. Hardware connected to a tower is termed as

     (a) CPU   (b) software (c) peripheral (d) storage

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