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Current Affairs 2016 QUIZ – 22 March 2016

Current Affairs 2016: 22nd March 2016

Current Affairs 2016 -22 march 2016
Current Affairs 2016 – 22march 2016

1. Who is the present CEO of the Apple Company?
Tim Cook.

2. FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) recently cleared 15 new FDI proposals from 15 companies.How much is the worth of those FDIs?
Rs.7262 crore. (Govt. planning to propose 100% FDIs in 25 other NBFC sectors)

3. Which bank’s foreign investment limit is increased to 74% from 41.87% by CCEA (Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs)?
YES Bank.

4. According to ICRA (Indian Credit Card Rating Agency) what is the growth rate of Indian Economy in 2016-17?

5. According to Assocham-PWC report, the demand for online shopping is growing year by year. What is the rate of increase in online purchases in 2016?
78% in 2016 (Rises from 6.6% in 2015).

6. Name the Indian cities that France agreed to provide assistance in developing them as smart cities under smart city Programme?
Chandigarh, Nagpur & Puducherry.

7. Name the Indian cities that Germany agreed to provide assistance to developing them under smart city Programme?
Kochi, Bhubaneswar and Coimbatore.

8. How many Indian cities are selected to develop as part of smart city Programme at first round?
20 cities.

9. Expand PNGRB – Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulating Board.

10. Who has conferred with France’s Knight of Legion of Honor on 17th March 2016?
Tikka Shatrujit Singh.

11. On which day ‘World Sparrow Day’ is observed globally?
20th March.

12. When do we celebrate the ‘International Day of Racial Discrimination’?
21st March.

13. Who is the CEO of Chinese E-commerce giant “Alibaba” the world’s biggest retail platform?Zhang Yong.

14. CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) has set up a committee on taxation of e-commerce and plans to levy 6% to 8% taxes on digital services.

15. What is India’s first statewide broadband project under which, AP Govt. is providing internet services at low cost?
AP FiberNet.

16.Which is the first bank offering the sale of IGC (Indian Gold Coin) in the local market?
IOB (Indian Overseas Bank).

17. Expand IFGE – Indian Federation of Green Energy.

18. Where did the Global Bamboo Summit 2016 held in India by IFGE?

19. Who has been elected as finance chairman in Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services a Non-Banking Financial Company?
Dhananjay Mungale

20. Which is the leading bank in mobile banking chart with 151.83 lakh mobile transactions of Rs.17, 636 crore worth in 2015?
State Bank of India with 38% mobile banking transactions per month.

21. According to recent reports, which country is interested in opening branches of 4 to 5 banks of that country in India?

22. Who is the deputy governor of State Bank of Pakistan who visited India recently?
Saeed Ahmad.

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