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Current Affairs Quiz 2016 – March 4th Week

Current Affairs Quiz 2016 – March 4th Week.

 March 4th Week Current Affairs 2016 PDF File

MARCH Current Affairs 2016 

1. Which country plans to set up its own international maritime Judicial Centre to handle territorial disputes?


2. Recently, Prohibition of social boycott bill 2016 was introduced in the parliament to strengthen the laws against discrimination. Which state govt. has introduced this bill?


3. Ministry of tourism linked with Ecotourism of India (ESOI) sustainable tourism. Who is the tourism minister of state?

Mahesh Sharma.

4. Wikipedia has linked with which Sweden institute of technology to develop the crowdsourced speech engine to make it accessible for visually impaired users ?

Royal Institute of Technology.

5. Who is the vice chairman & founder of Kotak Mahindra Bank?

Shri Uday Kotak.

6. Which bank has signed a pact with Canadian pension plan to invest $500 million in stressed assets of India?

Kotak Mahindra Bank.

7. Name the App which is launched by Prime Minister to help the farmers in providing information on crop protection, agricultural machinery, weather, seeds, and the market price of different crop yields?

Kisan Suvidha.

8. Who is the chairman of 13th Finance Commission of India?

Vijay Kelkar.

9. The State Bank of India (SBI) is linked with which company for instant vehicle financing?


10. Who is the CEO of UBER company?

Mr. Travis Kalanick.

11. Which two countries has been combined launched a project to explore living conditions on Mars and what is the name of that project?


Europe (European Space Agency) & Russia (Russian Space Agency (Roscommon)), Exo-Mars Programme.

12. How much fund amount has allotted for upgrading the prisons in states – Kerala, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh?

Rs.609 Crore.

13. The famous novelist Anita Brookner has been passed away recently. Does she belong to which country?


14. Name the scheme which is implementing to improve the quality of higher education?

RUSA (Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan).

15. Who is the Union Minister of Human Resources Development Department?

Smriti Irani.

16. Expand RCEP – Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

17. Recently, State Bank of India has been linked with which company for providing its customers instant vehicle financing?

Uber. (The CEO Uber-Company is Mr. Travis Kalanick.)

18. Name the Agriculture Fair cum Exhibition that was inaugurated by the Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi in New Delhi?

Krishi Unnati Mela.

19. Who is the Union Minister of Agricultural Department?

Radha Mohan Singh.

20. Which famous mathematician has been conferred with Abel Prize 2016?

Andrew Wiles (Fermat’s Last Theorem. Xn +Yn = Zn when n=2).

21. Who has been elected as Managing Director of Pfizer India?

S.Sridhar. (Pfizer is an American based pharmaceutical company. its headquarters is in New York, US).

22. Who was the founder of Pfizer Organization?

Charles Pfizer.

23. Who has been elected as the 56th president of International Studies Association?

Thazha Varkey Paul.

24. Which Indian athlete has won Asian 20km Walking Race for the first time?

Gurmeet Singh.

25. Which animated character is chosen as its honorary ambassador of climate change by United Nations (UN)?

Angry Bird.

26. Who won the Hero Indian title of Golf Championship of 2016?

SSP Chawrasia.

27. Which country hosted the 13th  India-European Union (EU) Summit on 30th march 2016?

Brussels (Belgium).

28. Name the two Bangladesh bowlers who were suspended by the ICC recently?

Taskin & Sunny.

29. IRDA approved the investment in PSBs of which insurance company?

LIC (The chairman of LIC – SK Roy and the chairman of IRDA – S.Vijayan).

30. Recently, US president Barack Obama visited Cuba after the long gap of what is the capital city and currency of Cuba?

Capital: Havana, Currency: Peso.

31. Name the world’s famous soccer player who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Huawei?

Lionel Messi (He is also an ambassador of Tata Motors).

32. Who is the newly elected president of Myanmar?

Htin Kyaw.

33. Recently RBI has signed a special currency swap agreement with which of the foreign bank?

Central Bank of Srilanka.

34. What is the free customer service number that is approved by telecom commission as the single emergency number for all the emergencies in India?


35. When will ISRO launch 22 satellites in the single mission as first record launch of ISRO in India?

20th May 2016.

36. Which two countries have signed the MoU for the construction of six nuclear reactors at Jaitapur?

India and France.

37. Which Indian playback singer has entered in the Guinness World Records for singing the highest number of songs in different languages?

P.Susheela Mohan. ( She was awarded this for singing 17695 songs in 12 different Indian languages).

38. Which person has been appointed to the Wipro’s Board of Directors?

Patrick Dupuis.

39. Who is the Prime Minister of Belgium?

Charles Michale.

40. Which is Asia’s biggest telescope launched by India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi Devasthal in Uttarakhand and Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michale at Brussels in Belgium?

ARIES (Aryabhatta Reasearch Institute of Observational Sciences).


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