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English Error Detection for IBPS Bank Exams

English Error Detection for IBPS Bank Exams 

English for IBPS Clerks 2016

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I. To answer these questions choose the part of the sentence which is not appropriate in standard English.

1. I prefer (a) / the Hindu (b) / but my eldest (c) / son reads(d)/ Times of India (e).

2. He was wearing shabby(a)/ faded trouser (b) / which he explained (c)/ were called jeans (d)/ and cost (e) / a fortune.

3. He has become (a) / so weak that even (b) / a two furlongs(c) / walk makes (d) / him breathless(e).

4. A picture of (a) / one of (b)/ the progenitors (c)/ of the founder (d) / of the company hanged (e) /on the wall.

5. His secretory told me (a)/ that she was unable(b)/ to tell us when (e)/ her boss would return back (d) from (e) /his work.


1. (e). Name of the newspaper is preceded by an article ‘the’, it should be ‘The Times of India’.

2. (b). Trouser is always used in the plural form.

3. (c). Since the article used ‘a’ has been used before two furlongs must be used as the single unit, so the correct usage will be two furlongs.

4. (e). The third form ‘hanged’ is used only in association with hanging somebody as a punishment. For the usage of hanging somebody as a punishment
For the usage of hanging on the wall, the verb ‘hung’ is used.

5. (d). ‘Return’ means ‘to come back’, return back would, therefore, be incorrect use since it will mean comeback so the right usage is only returned.

II. In each of these questions, each sentence has four bold word or phrases marked (a), (b), (c), and (d). Choose one word or phrase that must be changed for the sentence o be correct.

2.1) Drug abuse have (a)/ become one of (b) our most (c) serious social problems (d) No error (e).

2.2) Alexander Calder, who was originally (a) interested in (b) mechanical engineering later (c) became a sculpture(d) No error.

2.3) Studying (a) the science of (b) logic is one way to (c) cultivate one’s reason (d) Skills. No error (e).

2.4) Every candidate under (a) considering (b) for a military job must undergo (c) a through medical (d) examination. No error (e).

2.5) Caricature, a type(a) of exaggeration (b) is common (c) used in (d) political cartoons. No error (e).

Answers II:
2.1) (a) ‘Drug Abuse’ is a singular subject so the verb should be the singular ‘has’ not have.
2.2) (d) Alexander became a sculptor (a noun that is a subject) not a sculpture which is an object.
2.3) (d) Reason is a noun which means the cause of an action. The skill is the ability to give reasons, which will be in the form of verb-noun i.e. reasoning.
2.4) (b) Under ‘consideration’, Considering is a verb and cannot be used with the preposition ‘under’ the only noun can follow under.
2.5) (c) The word used before the verb ‘used’ will be an adverb, not a noun, thus the correct use will be ‘commonly’ and not common.

III. In each of these questions, one sentence is split and written in four portions . Each sentence is a complete but contains an error. Choose the portion of the sentence with the error.

3.1) You (a) /will be ready (b)/ to start (c)/while he comes (d)/ no error.

3.2)The girls (a)/ which (b)/ won were honoured (c)/ by their friends (d)/ no error.

3.3) Ram asked (a) / would I go(b)/ to the college(c)/with (d)him. No error(e).

3.4) Recent Studies have shown(a) / that non-smoking (b) are more productive (c) than those (d) / who smoke/ No error(e).

3.5) I heard (a) /Sita’s (b) / knocking at (c)/ the door (d) /No error (e).

Answers III:

3.1) (d). ‘while’ is used for a process or series of events, but he comes is a single event for which , when , should be used as referring adverb.
3.2) (b) .Which should be used for things, for people ‘who could be used.
3.3) (b). It is a question in the reported speech, so there must be an if before I.The right sentence will be Ram asked if I would go.

3.4) This part of the sentence should be a noun so, it will be non-smokers.
3.5) ‘Knocking’ is a gerund and it can be preceded by a possessive form. so there is no error.

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