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English Revision for IBPS Exams 2016-17

English Revision for IBPS Exams 2016-17

Fill in the blanks using proper preposition:

Preposition and its Usage:

A preposition is a simple word that should be used before a noun or a pronoun to link it with some other noun or pronoun in the same sentence.

Some Important Prepositions:

I. IN, AT, and ON

we use ‘IN’ or ‘AT’ for cities, towns, or villages. we use in when we talk about a place as an area while we use at when we talk about a place or a point.

Some Examples:

  1. He has been living in Delhi for many years.
  2. He stopped at Delhi while going to Agra.
  3. He has been living in this village for many years.
  4. He is waiting at the gate.
  5. He lives at Maharani Park.
  6. At the meeting, there were some big personalities.
  7. He was there at the barber’s shop.
  8. I live in park street.

We use ‘On’ when we talk of places.


  1. The cat is sitting on the floor.
  2. The picture is on the wall.

We use ‘In’ for a period of time and ‘at’ for a point of a time.

  1. He was born in 2000.
  2. He came to this city in 2005.
  3. He came here in January.
  4. He came at 5PM.

We use ‘AT’ to talk about prices of things.
Onions are sold at eighty rupees a kilo here.

We use ‘At’ to talk about age, condition:
He came here at the age of twenty.

I am at your service.

We use ‘On’ to tell time, day or date.

She will come to Delhi on Monday.
She will come to Delhi on 15th of January.

II. IN, INTO: Difference in Using IN and INTO.

We use ‘in’ when something is not moving. We use ‘into’ for motion and for denoting a change from one position into another.

  1. He is in the classroom.
  2. He went into the classroom.
  3. Translate these words into Hindi.
    We use ‘behind’ when we talk about the place and ‘after’ when we talk about time. ( Also sometimes we ‘behind’ with a meaning at the back of).


  1. He stood behind the wall.
  2. He will be here after a month.

We use ‘by’ to talk about the agent and ‘with’ to talk about the instrument:
The essay was written by him with a fountain – pen.
Ravana was killed by Rama.
We use ‘by’ to show the manner of doing something:
He caught him by the collar.
We use ‘between’ to talk about two and ‘among’ to talk about more than two:
Distribute this money between the two brothers.
Distribute this money among all of them.

We use ‘Since’ to talk about a point of time. We use it in the perfect tense:

  1. He has been ill since yesterday.
  2. He has not been since last month.
  3. I have been living in this place since 2002.
  4. we have been practicing grammar since January.
  5. We use ‘For’ to show Period of Time:
  6. He has been ill for four days.
  7. He has lived there for five years.
  8. He is on leave for two days.
  9. It has been raining for two days.


We use ‘To’ to show motion from one place to another:

He goes to school.
Will you come to me?

For Practice : Just Think yourself and Choose the correct preposition:

(1) I must think __________ you.
(A) of
(B) for
(C) From
(D) to

(2) He stood __________ me in the days of my misfortune.
(A) for (B) by (C) with (D)at

(3) I still stick __________ my views on the subject.
(A) by (B) with (C) into (D) to.

(4) This law will come __________ force from next month.
(A) in (B) into (C) to (D) from.

(5) He died ____________ cholera.
(A) under (B) from (C) of (D) with

(6) I congratualated him ______________ his success
(A) at (B) on (C) for (D) with

(7) He prevented me ________________ going there.
(A) under (B) from (C) on (D) by

(8) She obeyed ____________ fear.
(A) under (B) from (C) with (D) in

(9) She comes _________ a rich family.
(A) from (B) of (C) with (D) into

(10) Raju is guilty ______________ theft.
(A) about (B) from (C) of (D) by
Read the following passage and fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions (You can use the prepositions)

with, after, up, to, into, from, for

Ankur was going ____________ the zoo ________________ his friends ___________ school. As the bell rang, the children lined ____________ in a neat row quickly. Everybody was very excited as it is their first outing ____________ the school. Two teachers led the children _________ the gate ____________ a big air-conditioned bus. ______________ children took their seats, the bus left __________ the zoo. Ankur sang along ___________ his friends in the bus.