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Railway Budget 2016-17 – Expected Questions on Rail Budget 2016

Railway Budget 2016:

Hi Readers, Have you ever get doubt about why railway ministry is always releasing a separate budget  for Indian Railways and why other ministries don’t.

Questions on Railway budget 2016
Questions on Railway budget 2016

During the period of British Govt. in 1920-21, The railway department of Indian Railways is the huge one and at that time, a separate 10 member committee called Acworth committee was formed to check over the financial issues of Indian railways and this committee is headed by British Railway economist William Acworth. He submitted the ‘Acworth Report’ to the union government. According to the recommendations of Acworth Committee, The budget for the railway dept. is separated from the general govt. budget. The first railway budget was telecasted on 24

The first railway budget was telecasted on 24th March 1994 and then onwards, every year railway ministry announces a separate budget for Indian Railways.

Important Points on Railway Budget 2016

On 25th February 2016, The Union Railway Minister – Suresh Prabhu has presented the rail budget for this financial year of 2016-17. Every year the Indian railways financial statement should be presented by Railway ministry.

  • At Present Railway Minister of IndiaSuresh Prabhu.
  • Railway Budget 2016-17 time duration1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Expected Capital Expenditure of Railway Budget 2016-17 – Rs.1, 21, 000 Crore.
  • Expected Operating Ratio will be 92%.
  • Expected Railway RevenuesRs.1, 84, 000 Crore.
  • Saving from last year budget estimates –Rs.8720 Crore.
  • Expenditure on the modernization of railway infrastructure in 5 years – Rs.8.5 Lakh Crore.
  • Lalu Prasad Yadav has presented the railway budget 6 times in a row as he was the railway minister from the year 2004 to 2009.
  • In the year 2000, Mamata Banerjee became the first women railway minister of India.

Theme of Railway Budget 2016-17:

  • Overcoming Challenges Reorganize, Restructure, and Renovate.

The Slogan of Railways:

  • ‘Saabka Saath Sabka Vikas’

Three Pillars of Strategy for Railway Budget 2016: (Nav Arjun, Nav Manak and Nav Sanrachna)

  • Nav Arjun (New Revenues): Railways are looking for new sources, new ideas and new ways to generate income in railways.
  • Nav Manak (New norms): Railways are targeting the long-term benefits by implementing some new norms for improving its efficiency and services with its best practices.
  • Ne Sanrachna ( New Structures): Enhancements in solving the issues in terms of co-operation, collaboration, and communication.Creative and communicative in terms of decision making and actions.

Railway Budget News 2016: (Rail Budget 2016)

  1. No, Change in railway fares: The first and most important news about this year railway budget is there is no hike in railway fares.
  1. The announcement of 3 new freight corridors: This year, Railway ministry is planning to build 3 new freight corridors (Luggage carriers).
  • Delhi to Chennai.
  • Kharagpur to Mumbai.
  • Kharagpur to Vijayawada.
  1. LIC is agreed to invest 1.5 lakh crore rupees over 5 years.
  2. Railway Investment: They wants to double the investment in railways this year.
  3. Aimed to Increase Railway Revenue (Rs.184820 Crores): Railways is a huge department and it generates the huge amount of income and this year they are planning to get 10.1 % higher than last year. They are targeted to get 184820 Crore Rupees.
  4. Advertising Revenue: Making plans to increase the advertising revenue by more than 4 times in 2016-17.
  1. Railway Jobs: It’s planning to generate 9 crore man days by 2017 and 14 crore man days by 2018-19.
  1. Improvement in the Speed of Passenger Trains Railway ministry is targeted to increase the speed of the passenger trains by 80 km/hr.
  2. Availability of Railway tickets at all places: Railways is planning to facilitate the tickets at all places for passenger convenience.
  3. New launch of Trains for Unreserved and middle class & low-income passengers
  • The introduction of fully unreserved superfast trains on huge traffic routes.
  • Antyodaya Express train.
  • Deen Dayal Coaches for long distance trains for unreserved passengers.
  • The introduction of double-decker trains on business travel routes.
  1. Improvements in Catering Service on trains:
  • There will be some positive changes in catering services managed by IRCTC.
  • New establishment of 10 more kitchens under IRCTC management.
  • E-catering services to be expanded to 400 stations.
  1. Planning to eliminate unmanned level Crossings to avoid accidents fully by the year 2020. This is a positive step towards the public safety.
  1. Facilitating Wi-Fi: Planning to provide Wi-Fi firstly at 100 stations in 2015-16 and then it was spread to 400 stations by 2016-17.Google is the first company tied up with railways regarding this issue.
  2. Enhancements in E-Ticketing System:
  • At present, the capacity of e-ticketing system is 2000 tickets per minute and now planning to increase this capacity to 7200 km per minute.
  • The new launch of mobile apps, Go-India Smart cards for cashless ticket purchase.
  • The introduction of bar coded tickets.
  • For Journalists, There is a plan to initiate e-booking of tickets of launching concessional passes.
  • E-ticketing facility for foreign debit and credit card holders.
  • Helpline  Telephone  number: Establishment of railway helpline number 139 for a cancellation of booked tickets.
  1. New setup of 1780 new ticket vending machines. Initiating sale of platform tickets with the ticket vending machines which are compatible by direct cash or with credit/debit cards.
  1. To increase the quota for women (33%) and senior citizens(50%)  for lower berths.
  1. Publishing Rail Bandhu Magazine in all regional languages.
  1. FM Radio Stations will be established to provide entertainment.
  1. Bibek Debroy Committee: With the recommendations of this committee railway restructuring report is submitted to the union minister.
  1. Railway ministry linked with Karnataka government for suburban railways.
  1. Ring Railway is to be redeveloped in partnership with the Delhi govt.
  1. Chennai will be the India’s first rail auto hub.
  1. Four New train categories were introduced in the railway budget 2016-17.
  • ANTYODAYA EXPRESS, Unreserved Superfast service.
  • HUMSAFAR, Fully Air conditioned 3rd AC Service.
  • TEJAS, High-speed train to run at 130 km/hr with several passenger amenities.
  • UDAY, Overnight AC Double Decker train.

  1. Proposal for 2000 kms electrification in 2016-17.
  1. Railway ministry will be the partner with Tamilnadu Govt. to develop the suburban network in Chennai through innovative financing methods.
  1. Renaming the name of ‘Coolies’ into ‘Sahayaks’. They will be provided training on soft skills and new uniforms.
  1. Launching of Drones for remote monitoring of ongoing projects.
  1. Installation of GPS based digital display in coaches for showing upcoming stations.
  1. Railways are planning to start institutional financing for funding projects on PPP basis.
  1. Planning to take initiation on 139 budget announcements of 2015-16, actually, they are announced in the previous budget but there is action on those budget challenges.
  1. North – East India states to be connected through broad gauge soon, especially Mizoram to Manipur.
  1. Establishment of new tracks of 2800km in 2016.
  1. Planning to generate 65,000 additional berths, 30, 000 more bio-toilets this year and 17, 000 bio-toilets are already provided.
  1. Senior Citizen Quota to be increased by 50%.
  2.  Planning to redevelop 400 stations through PPP (Public Private Partnership).
  1. Major Stations to be brought under CCTV Surveillance.
  1. Station Directors at all A1 class stations.
  1. Hitech network of 20, 000 screens in 2000 stations for train information.
  1. To set up 2500 water vending machines at station premises.
  1. Cabinet approval for joint ventures with state govt. – 6 MoU’s signed with state governments.

Rail Budget 2016: Expected Questions on Railway Budget 2016-17 for all Competitive Exams – SBI, IBPS Bank Exams, UPSC, Railways.

  1. What was the total money to be invested in Railway Budget 2016-17?

Ans.: 1.21 Lakh Crore Rupees.

  1. What was the traffic revenue target in Railway Budget -2016?

Ans.: 1.85 Lakh Crore Rupees.

  1. How many new train categories were introduced in the railway budget 2016-17?

Ans.: Four.

  1. According to the Railway Budget 2016-17, where was the India’s first rail auto hub to be planned to launch?

Ans.: Chennai.

  1. What was the renamed name of the ‘Coolies’ in railways?

Ans.: Sahayaks.

  1. Which was the AC train which was introduced in Railway Budget 2016-17 for reserved passengers?

Ans.: Humsafar.

  1. Name the superfast train, which was introduced in railway budget 2016-17 for unreserved passengers.

Ans.: Antyodaya Express.

  1. What was the theme of Railway Budget 2016-17?

Ans.: Overcoming Challenges Reorganize, Restructure and Renovate.

  1. How many stations were provided with Wi-Fi in the financial year 2015-16?

Ans.: 100.

  1. How many stations are aimed to provide with Wi-Fi in 2016-17?

Ans.: 400.

  1. Which of the train will showcase the future of train travel in India with onboard Wi-Fi local cuisine?

Ans.: Tejas.

  1. Which was the Double Decker Train which was introduced in Railway Budget 2016-17 to increase the passenger capacity?

Ans.: UDAY (Utkrisht Double Decker Air Conditioned Yatra Express) – which has the potential to increase the passenger carrying capacity by 40%.

  1. Which was the AC train which was introduced in Railway Budget 2016-17 for reserved passengers?

Ans.: Humsafar.

  1. How many missions were introduced for the transformation of Indian Railways in the Rail Budget 2016-17?

Ans.: Seven.

  1. Strategic Finance is established under the chairmanship of C T Venu Gopal.
  2. Kalpana Chawla chair will be set up for which purpose.

Ans.: Geo-Spatial Technology.

  1. Name the Cleanliness services which are aimed to clean the passenger coach through SMS request.

Ans.: ‘Clean My Coach’.

  1. In Railway Budget 2016-17, SMART Coaches were introduced what does SMART stands for?

Ans.: SMART – Specially Modified Aesthetic Refreshing Travel. Introducing SMART coaches with improved design more capacity and with better amenities for the passengers.

  1. The purpose of ‘Janani Sewa’ introduced in Rail Budget 2016-17. What facilitate does it provide at rail coaches?

Ans.: Children’s menu items on trains, Baby Foods, Hot milk and Hot water.

  1. Railway Budget 2016-17, The railway minister Suresh Prabhu has announced to provide gang men with devices called …………….

Ans.: ‘Rakshak’.

  1. How many pillars of strategy were mentioned in the railway budget 2016-17?

Ans.: Three (Nav Arjan, Nav Manak, Nav Sanrachna).

  1. According to Rail Budget 2015-16, what is the name of magazine planned to publish in all regional languages?

Ans.: ‘Rail Bandhu Magazine’.

  1. What was the Scheme/Sewa launched to help the old and disabled passengers?

Ans.: ‘Rail Mitra Sewa’ and ‘Divyang’.

  • Facilitating Wheelchairs at A1 class stations.
  • Provide at least one Divyaang ( Physically challenged People) friendly toilet at each A1 class station.
  • Expanding the Saarathi Sewa in Konkan Railway to the old and disabled passengers.


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