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How to Get High Score in Quantitative Aptitude | Speed Maths Tricks

How to Get High Score in Quantitative Aptitude ?| Speed Maths Tricks

Quantitative Aptitude (QA) is one of the important subjects usually, comes in most of the competitive exams. Every question has a proper method and technique to solve. If you us smart techniques, shortcut methods, formulae wherever required and at the appropriate place to get quick solutions, there is a possibility to get a high score.

Five Tips to Increase Your Score in Quantitative Aptitude - Bank Exam Tips

Nowadays, we are getting only time-consuming questions and linked questions in quantitative aptitude. we have to solve 3 to 4 steps and time-consuming. So, learning speed maths tricks, shortcuts, smart techniques is very important and can able to solve more questions in less time.

Though we can’t answer 50 out of 50 questions in IBPS POs but if we apply proper smart techniques with more practice of mock tests. You can get the good score in IBPS Bank Exams.

5 Tips to Increase Your Score in Quantitative Aptitude – Bank Exam Tips

1. Learn and Get Perfect With Quantitative Aptitude Basics:

Mostly, people who are preparing for bank exams thinks that they know the basics and ignore about fundamentals of Quantitative Aptitude. But It’s wrong, we need to revise from fundamentals it makes our preparation little bit easier. First, Go through the basic concepts and fundamentals of quantitative aptitude.

Some Smart Techniques in Solving Quantitative Aptitude for below topics:

2. Learn and Memorize some basic formula, shortcuts, smart techniques for quicker calculations. But, remember you have to implement these techs while practicing so that you can improve speed. You should be perfect in 20 tables

Have Idea about IBPS Bank Exams Syllabus & IBPS PO Exam Pattern of the Exam.

3. Work out on calculations and improve your mental ability:

Having good knowledge on quant concepts and learning more and more formulae will not alone help us to get a good score, until and unless you don’t know where to implement the shortcuts, elimination methods, approximations, smart techniques, formulae while solving the aptitude questions. This ability will be developed only through more practice of problems.

4. Practice more and more problems – More Practice is the only key to improving your speed in the main exam.
Take 50 Questions and st time 30 minutes.
Solve as many questions as possible in that time.
Analyze answers, accuracy for better performance in next exam.

Take More Mock tests and solve by thinking as you are in the main exam by setting time and without any breaks (watching TV, Going outside, talking) in a middle of the exam.

Go to the place where there is no disturbance for 1 hour and you can take the exam comfortably. After that analyze the performance. In this way, you have to practice more mock tests so that you will become more comfortable to use shortcuts, elimination methods, approximations, smart techniques, formulae at an appropriate time to get solutions quicker.

Practicing in time with good accuracy will help us to get the good score in IBPS bank exams.

5. Analyze the performance in such a way that

  • how many questions you solved in 30 minutes time.
  • how many questions you got correct answers.
  • You need to prepare some more concepts or whether you are applying smart tricks, mental calculations while solving the paper.

From above tips, you can improve your calculation ability and can solve more sums in less time that will certainly boost your score in Quantitative Aptitude.

Why do most students fail in Bank Exams?

1. Ignoring the basics/fundamentals of Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning:
People think that they know the basics and no need to learn again but, we have to concentrate on basics/fundamentals of quant and reasoning concepts it will improve our performance in the main exam.

2. Not Proper Implementation of shortcuts, smart methods while practicing:
Knowing only shortcuts, smart techniques will not alone help you to get the good score in bank exams, until and unless you don’t practice more mock tests by setting time.

3. Improper selection of Questions first and Fails to manage time in the exam.

Go for easy questions first and then time-consuming questions later. Proper Time Management and Getting Accurate Answers is the major thing. Don’t stick in time-consuming q’s first. Answer easy q’s first so that you get confidence and not become nervous at exam if you have sufficient time.

“Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently”

4. Never Give Up the Exam: Think Positively.

Sometimes if we get the tough paper, most of the people think that they can’t continue the exam with their negative attitude. At that time, remaining people also performs same as you and there is the possibility of fewer cut-off marks. positive thinking gives strength to perform well in the exam.

Tips to get high score in Quantitative Aptitude

5. Avoid Using Risky Shortcuts and Guess Work.

6.  Not Reading question completely and trying to answer.

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