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IBPS IT Officer Syllabus

IBPS IT Officer Syllabus 

(IBPS Specialist Officers CWE – 2016)

IBPS Specialist Officers Exam as the name suggests, is meant to select professionals for prestigious and high profile jobs in the banking sector. The respect as well as the responsibility attached to the job makes the center of attraction from the years. So, we can expect smartness of the test procedure and pattern of the questions to select right candidates for this high profile jobs.

For IT Officers Exam, Reasoning, Aptitude and English are the corner stones of this exam and especially Professional Knowledge plays key role because its weightage of marks for each question is high and totally 75 marks out of 200 marks are asked from professional knowledge questions. Having complete knowledge of the detail syllabus of any competitive exam makes our preparation easier. So, It Should be important to know the syllabus for professional knowledge section in IT Officers of Banks.

Syllabus of IT Officers Exam (IBPS Specialist Officers CWE – 2016):

IT Officers Professional Knowledge Syllabus:

  1. 1. DBMS (Data Base Management Systems) (15-20 Questions)
    1. RDBMS
    2. Normalization
    3. Overview of SQL Queries
    4. E-R Diagrams
    5. Transaction Management
  1. 2. Data Communication & Networking (10-15 Questions).
    1. Network Architecture.
    2. OSI Model
    3. TCP-IP Model.
    4. Data Communication.
    5. IP Addressing (Sub netting).
  1. 3. Operating Systems ( 4 to 5 Questions)
    1. Process.
    2. Thread.
    3. Types of OS
    4. Semaphore
    5. Scheduling
    6. Dead Lock
    7. Memory Partitioning
    8. Page Replacement


  2. 4. Computer Organization – Hardware(Micro Processor – 4 to 5 Questions)
    1. Bus Structure.
  1. 5. Network Security (2 to 3 Q’s )
    1. Cyber Crimes.
    2. Risk Management.
    3. Firewall.
    4. Cryptography
  1. 6. Software Engineering (2 to 3 Q’s)
    1. SDLC
    2. Software Development Models.
  1. 7. Data Structures (3 to 4 Q’s)
    1. Array.
    2. Linked List.
    3. Stacks
  1. 8. Web Technologies (1,2 Q’s)
    1. HTML Tags
    2. XML
    3. Network Security
  1. 9. Programming Languages (1 or 2 Qs)
    1. C, C++
    2. Object Oriented Programming (OOPs Concepts).


Commercial Bank Careers

Career in banking sector is one of the booming career for the young talented and qualified personal. IBPS Agency is the medium to get into banking career. Every year IBPS releases notifications and shortlists candidates to fill the vacancies in various banks through its recruitment channel by conducting common online exams and common interviews for numerous posts available in banks.

Finally, The shortlisted candidates to fill the gaps in banks can look forward to a bright career in the bank they join. A student can join in a specialist profile like IT Officers, HR Manager, Marketing Manager, Law Officer etc. or a generalist profile like PO(Probationary Officer) or a clerk. For talented and qualified candidates, the promotion for higher profiles can be possible in a short period and the compensation salary has also suitably revised to attract higher talent.Finally, I can say the career in banking is rewarding from a long-term perspective and is indeed one of the finest jobs on offer today.

Here, We have disclosed this syllabus for IT Officers is pure with the analysis of  previous exam papers.

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