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Important Days in July

Important Days in July 

important days in july


In IBPS Bank Exams – We can expect 1 question from Important Days of different months in the General Awareness  Section. So knowing important days is also useful in one’s bank exams preparations. So I have listed some of the important days in July month.

Important Days in July 

1st July

  • National Doctors Day.
  • International Joke Day.
  • National CA (Chartered Accountants) Day.
  • International Day of Cooperatives.

2nd – World Sports Journalists Day
2nd – World UFO Day (UFO: ‎Unidentified Flying Objects‎).

4th –  American Independence Day (United States).

5th – National Bikini Day.

6th July:

  • World Zoo-noses Day
  • World Kiss Day

7th  July:

  • World Chocolate Day
  • Global Forgiveness Day.

9th – International Mango Festival Day.

11th – World Population Day

12th – Malala Day.

16th – National Ice-Cream Day (United States)

17th – World Day for International Justice.

18th – Nelson Mandela Day.

22nd – Pi Approximation Day.

26th – Kargil Vijay Diwas Day.

28th (last Friday in July) – System Administrator Appreciation Day

28th – World Hepatitis Day.

29th – World Tiger Day.

30th – National Father in Law Day.

30th – National Whistleblower Appreciation Day

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