Compound Interest Formulas, Shortcuts and Practice Problems

compound interest formulas and shortcuts with example problems

Compound Interest Formulas and CI Practice Problems Using Shortcut Tricks Compound Interest: It is the interest which is calculated not only on the principal amount invested but also on the interest earned in previous periods. Compound Interest Formulas CI Formulae: Amount = P[1+(r/100)] Compound Interest (CI) = P [ (1+r/100)t -1 ]. Simple Interest (SI) = (CI * rt) / 100 [(1+r/100)t -1]. …

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Simple Interest Shortcut Tricks and Formulas with Examples

Simple Interest formulas and shortcut tricks with examples

Simple Interest Shortcut Tricks  & Formulas – Practice Problems By using this simple trick on Simple Interest problems, we can able to solve any to any problem in this topic and get answers very quickly than using normal methods. Simple Interest shortcut Trick – Speed Maths Tricks While solving simple interest problems by using the percentage method, Always assume principle …

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PSU Banks Headquarters and Taglines PDF 2020

banks headquarters and taglines pdf 2020

List of Public Sector Banks Headquarters and Taglines Pdf 2020 The Indian govt. announced the merger of 10 public sector banks in India into 4 major banks to enhance the bank’s economy and its services. They have taken this decision to bring positive efforts in the country’s economy by analyzing the bank’s economic condition. Here is the current list of …

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India Rank In All Index 2020 PDF – Free Download | International Rankings

india rank in all index 2020 PDF

India Rank In All Index 2020 PDF | List of Global Indexes 2020 We can expect 1 question from India‘s rank in various all global indexes list in 2020 for upcoming competitive exams – SSC, UPSC, IBPS, SBI, RRB under the general awareness section. So we have collected the latest international rankings of India in 2020  released by various international …

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List of current Chief Ministers and Governors of India in 2020

Chief Ministers and Governors of India in 2020 pdf

List of Chief Ministers, Governors of India 2020 Here, we are providing the updated list of current chief ministers and Governors of Indian states in 2020. There are 28 states and 8 union territories in India’s of April 2020. In most of the competitive exams including bank exams, under the general awareness section, there is a chance to get a …

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Important Indian Organizations and Their Heads 2020 PDF Free

Important Indian Organizations and Their Heads 2020 PDF

Indian Organizations and Their Heads 2020 PDF  There are some important national and international organizations both private and government organizations to regulates various policies, provide vital services and supervises various activities in different sectors to protect the public. The candidates who are preparing for various competitive exams should have to be aware of those important Indian organizations and their heads, …

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Quadratic Equation Shortcut Tricks For Bank Exams | Speed Maths Tricks

Quadratic Equation Shortcut Tricks For Bank Exams

Quadratic Equation Shortcut Tricks For Bank Exams –  Speed Maths Tricks Learning Quadratic Equation Shortcut Tricks for bank exams is important for those who are preparing for IBPS Bank Exams,  SBI Exams, SSC, Railways, Insurance, etc., The quadratic equation is in the form of ax2 + bx +c =0 and here we need to find the value of x. According to the …

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Table Chart Questions With Solutions – Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation line graph questions and answers

Data Interpretation Table Chart Questions With Solutions for IBPS Clerks Tabular Chart DI Questions SET 1:  I. Study the following table, showing monthly sales of cars of five types by five automobile shops to answer the questions that follow. Type                                             Automobile Shops P Q R S T A 1250 3500 1360 2240 210 B 2100 3080 3700 4200 920 …

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