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Reasoning Quiz for Bank Exams – Syllogism

Reasoning Quiz for Bank Exams – Syllogism


Syllogism Questions for Practice:

In every bank exam, usually, we are getting 5 questions from Syllogism. It is very important to concentrate on this part. If we know the procedure to solve these questions. we can’t avoid this part.Its very easy and can get good score and accuracy in the syllogism.Not only in bank exams, the syllogism is also the part of other  competitive exams. So the candidates who are preparing for bank exams and other competitive exams can go through the below questions and send your comments.

Directions to solve  I to V Questions: In each question below are given three statements followed by two conclusions specified as I and II. You have to analyze the three statements  by drawing Venn diagrams and then find which of the given conclusions logically follows from the three given statements, disregarding commonly known facts. Then find which of the given options  (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) is the correct answer and indicate it on the exam.

Give answer

      (a) If the only conclusion I follow.
      (b) If only conclusion II follows.
      (c) If either conclusion I or II follows.
      (d) If neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows.
      (e) If both the conclusion I and II follows.

I. Statements:

Some pencils are cells.
All cells are batteries.
Some batteries are tools.


1. Some tools are cells.
2. Some batteries are phones.

The answer is (b).

 II. Statements:

All keys are cards.
All cards are locks.
No keys are doors.


No lock is a door.
Some locks are doors.

The answer is (c).


III.  Statements:

Some singers are pilots.
Some pilots are teachers.
All teachers are farmers.


Some farmers are pilots.
Some farmers are singers.

The answer is (e).


Syllogism for bank exams

IV. Statements:

Some books are papers.
All papers are files.
All files are records.


Some records are books.
Some files are papers.

The answer is (e).

Syllogism for bank exams

V. Statements:
All numbers are letters.
Some letters are words.
Some words are symbols.

Some symbols are letters.
Some words are numbers.

The answer is (b).

Syllogism questions for bank exams


All pots are bottles.
All bottles are big.
Some big are jugs.
Some jugs are nylon.


1. Some nylon are big.
2. Some jugs are pots.
3. Some big are pots.
4. All pots are big.


(a) Option 1 and 2 follows.
(b) Option 3 & 4 follows.
(c) Only option 1 is true.
(d) Option 1 and Option 4 follows.
(e) None of the above.

Syllogism for bank exams

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