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Reasoning Tips

Reasoning Tips and Tricks for Bank Exams:

Test of Reasoning plays a prominent role in IBPS  Bank Exams and also in every competitive exam. IF you are new to this part, it looks very hard to solve some parts But if you understand the tactics behind reasoning then definitely you love to solve this section than other sections of IBPS Exam.

At First, When I was preparing for bank exams I felt the reasoning part is too hard section compared to aptitude. But, after knowing the logic’s in different topics of this section. It became very easy than any other parts of IBPS Exam.

As the name implies, Reasoning means there is a reason for every statement. By reasoned thinking, we have to get a reasoned conclusion from a couple of statements linked together directly or indirectly.

Proven Strategy to follow while attempting  Bank Exams: 

In IBPS Bank Exams, No one can attempt whole questions 200 out of 200 questions  Whether it may be due to lack of time or toughness of questions. If we prepare for bank exams by logical thinking. It’s not too hard to get shortlisted for the job and to fulfill your dream of getting the job in the banking industry.

Reasoning Tips and Tricks

Reasoning section consists 50 questions,  The question paper is prepared in such a way that out of 50.

  • 5 questions         —  Very Easy
  • 10 questions      —   Easy
  • 10 questions      —  Moderate
  • 10 questions      —  Moderate High but can be answerable
  • 15 questions      —  Hard (only can be answerable if you have more practice by knowing tactics in the subject)

By this, we can say that, At the time of taking the exam,  if you use the sense of humor which question to skip and which question to answer with effective time management by keeping in mind about negative marks and accuracy of your answers. You can definitely get a good score in IBPS Exams.

We have to plan to attempt 35 questions with perfect accuracy at first stage. After that, if you have time, then go for remaining questions.

List of Major Topics to Learn in Reasoning Section:

If you are perfect in the above topics with better practice you can attempt these questions accurately. So attempt above topics first. Then go for

  • circular arrangements
  • linear arrangements based on conditions. These are little bit time consuming
  • statement- conclusions
  • statement assumptions are a bit confusion to get the correct answer. So think about accuracy while answering these questions blindly. If you are 100% correct without confusion then only answer those type of questions.