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Syllogism for Bank Exams – Practice Set with Answers

Syllogism for Bank Exams – Practice Set with Answers

1) Statements:
No meeting is an argument.
All debates are arguments.
Some debates are fights.
I. No fight is a meeting.
II. Some fights are meetings

2) Statements:
All hands are limbs
All limbs are fingers
Some fingers are thumbs
Some thumbs being limbs is a possibility.
All hands are fingers

3) Statements:
All teams are participants.
All members are teams
No member is a captain.
At least some participants are mountains
All teams being captains is a possibility

4) Statements:
Some slopes are mountains
No mountain is a river
Some rivers are ponds
All ponds being mountains is a possibility
All slopes being rivers is a possibility

5) Statements:
No gate is a door.
All doors are walls
No wall is a ceiling
I. At least some gates are ceilings.
II. No ceiling is a door.

6) Statements:
No man is a doctor.
All singers are a man.
All dancers are doctors.
All doctors are professionals.

I. All professionals are man.
II. No singer is a dancer.
III. All singers being professionals is a possibility.
IV. All dancers are professionals.
V. No doctor is a singer.

7. Statements:
Some logics are reasons.
All reasons are arguments.
All arguments are fights.
No fight is a discussion.

I. All discussions being logic is a possibility.
II. No discussion is an argument.
III. All logics being discussion is a possibility.
IV. All reasons are fights.
V. No reason is a discussion.

8. Statements:
All referrals are managers.
All mentors are referrals.
All comedians are mentors.
No manager is a dancer.
I. No referral is a dancer.
II. All comedians are managers.
III. No mentor is a dancer.
IV. All dancers being comedians is a possibility.
V. At least some managers are mentors

9. Statements:
Some moments are flashes.
All moments are seconds.
All flashes are instances.
No instance is an hour.
I. All hours being seconds is a possibility.
II. No second is flash.
III. No hour is a flash.
IV. At least some moments are instances.
V. At least some seconds are instances.

10. Statements:
No hotel is a motel.
All motels are apartments.
All apartments are inns.
No inn is a guesthouse.
I. All hotels being inns is a possibility.
II. No motel is a guesthouse.
III. All hotels being apartments is a possibility.
IV. No motel is an inn.
V. No guesthouse is an apartment.

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