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Todays Current Affairs for Bank Exams – SBI Clerks, NABARD.

Today’s Current Affairs for Bank Exams – SBI Clerks, NABARD. (10th April 2016)

current affairs questions for bank exams

1.Which country has been successfully test-fired on shore based anti-ship missile ‘Zarb’ on 9th April 2016?

2. Who is the naval chief admiral of Pakistan?
Muhammad Zakaullah.

3. Which country has been successfully test-fired a new ‘International Ballistic Rocket Engine’ at Pyongyang that is capable of staging nuclear strikes on the United States?
North Korea.
Important points: The capital of North Korea: Pyongyang.
                                  President of North Korea: Kim Jong-Un.
                                  The capital of South Korea: Seoul.
                                  President of South Korea: Park Guen Hye.

4. Who is the MD and CEO of NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India)?
A. P. Hota.

5. What is a the transaction limit through UTI (Unified Payments Interface) platform?
 Rs.1 lakh. 
UTI Platform: Previously we have been observed different wallets for different e-commerce    sites for e-payments. Now UTI made e-payments simpler by introducing of one digital wallet for    all e-payments.

6. United Nations will be going to observe for the first time Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s birth anniversary which is on April 14th to focus on conflicting the inequalities to achieve sustainable development goals.

7. Who was conferred with UK’s prestigious Founder’s Award as a recognition for rewardable achievements for the persons within global Asian community?
Mother Teresa.

8. India plans to sign Counter- Terrorism pact with which country’s president on his two days visits to India on 10thApril, 2016?
Maldives. (President of Maldives: Abdullah Yameen).

9. Which two countries make plans to redefine ‘Colombo Port City Project’ so as to develop the port city into the financial hub in the Indian Ocean?
China and Sri Lanka.

10. Who is the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?
Ranil Wickremasinghe.

11. How much amount of taxes was collected by the government of India in the form of total direct and indirect taxes in the fiscal year 2015-16?
Rs.14.6 lakh crore.

12. What may be cause for bulk growth in tax collections in 2015-16 compared to previous year?
Due to increase in indirect tax collections (Rs.7.11 lakh crore). Which was 31.1% higher than the previous year.

13. What is the growth percentage of direct tax collections in the fiscal year 2015-16?
7.6% (7.48 Lakh crores).

14. Expand the term NHDP – “National Highways Development Project”.

15. What do you mean by ‘Direct taxes’ and ‘Indirect Taxes’?

Direct Taxes: The taxpayer directly pays to the government. Usually, these taxes applied on individuals or organizations.
Eg: Income tax, corporate tax, wealth tax etc.,
Indirect Taxes: The taxpayers are indirectly paid to the govt. through intermediaries. These type of taxes usually applied on manufacture or sale of goods and services. For example, if buy a product there will be some value added tax that means here we are indirectly paying the tax to the govt.
Eg: Sales tax, service tax, excise duty etc.

16. Public Investment Board (PIB) has approved ____________ proposal of India Post to start its “Payments Bank” operations and made discussions for cabinet approval in next 15 days?
Note: India Post is one among 11 organizations who got licenses for setting up their payments banks from RBI in 2015.

17. How much amount was sanctioned to modernize the ports by the Union ministry? Who is the Union Minister of Road, Transport Highways and Shipping Department?
Rs.60, 000 Crore. Nitin Gadkari. 

18. The Sagarmala Project is aimed to modernize, mechanize and computerize the India’s ports and now it has undertaken ________ coastal line for development.
7500kms of coastal ports in India.

19. Who was appointed as the first chairman of Bank’s Board Bureau (BBB)?
Former CAG (Comptroller & Auditor General of India) – Vinod Rai.

20. Where was the first meeting of Bank’s Board Bureau held on 8th April 2016?
Mumbai (At RBI’s central office).

21.Who is the Union Minister of State for Finance?
Shri Jayant Sinha.

22. Recently, The Private sector lender ‘Federal bank’ has tied up with which Singapore-based organization for managing NRI Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS)?
Philip Capital (its headquarters is located in Singapore and has global network).

23. Expand NPCI – National Payments Corporation of India.

24. Who is the Chairman of NABARD (National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development)?
Harsh Kumar Bhanwala.

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