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Blood Relations – Easy Tricks to Solve Blood Relations

Blood Relations – Easy Tricks to Solve Blood Relations

Blood Relations - Easy Tricks to Solve


Blood Relations are nothing but relations between the people by birth and someone who is part of our family through our ancestors.

Relations in Laws – They are part of some other’s family but becomes your family member after any one’s marriage in our family.

Blood Relations is scoring part under reasoning section for IBPS Bank Exams. If you follow the below-solving methods and tips these type of problems can be solved in less than 15 to 20 minutes.

Here, These are the simple tips and tricks to solve blood relations questions in less than 20 seconds of time.Here We are providing examples with explanations given to understand and solve easily.

  1. Use notations + to represent the male person and  (- minus) to represent the female member.
  2. Represent with a horizontal line for same generation people and Horizontal line for lower or upper generations and represent couples with double headed arrow.

Tricks to Solve Questions on Blood Relations:  

Eg: P is the sister of Q. How Q is related to P.

(1) Brother    (2)sister  (3) Can’t be  determined   (4) cousin


Here Q’s gender is not known from the given statement. Q may be brother or Sister.

Eg: P is the wife of Q. 


Here genders are known for both P and Q. P is female and Q is a male person.




Eg: P is the father of Q


Question 1.

D is the brother of B.

M is the brother of B.

K is the Father of M.

T is the Wife of K. Then, How B is related to T?

(1) son   (2) Daughter   (3)Sister   (4) Can’t Be determined

 (5) None of these.

Ans. : 14458399537663

To solve these type of questions, gender and generation should be noted as above to avoid confusion and solve step by step way to get required relation as asked in the question.

Here + means male and – means female.

From the given statements we  can’t find the gender of B. So, We can’t determine exactly how B is related to T.

Ans. Can’ t be Determined?

Question 2. 

P/Q  means  P is the father of Q.

P + Q means P is the mother of Q.

P -Q means P is the brother of Q.

P*Q means P is the sister of Q.

Q.2.1)    A*B/C-D+E        A is E’s _______?

(1)Grand Aunt   (2)Brother  (3)Maternal Uncle  (4)Mother 

Ans. :


Note: Here check 2 points

  1. A is Female.
  2. Ais 2 generations above E.

So, check the given options female 2 generations above i.e. Grand relation.  we can rule out other options easily to find the correct one. Ans. is (1).

Blood Relations Solving Tip: Using generation gap,  gender and given options. we can find out the relation without solving completely.

Q.2.2) Choose the correct option which satisfies A is an aunt of E?



2.3)A/B*C +D-E


2.5) None of these.

Ans. Here,

  1. A is female.
  2. The generation gap is 1 away from E to A.

At First, Don’t draw family tree for each option because its waste of our time. so, check the options  where these 2 points satisfy and if there is any confusion, draw the family tree as explained previous questions.